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Posted on April 07 2016


One of our drops to kick off the 2016 season is our BE KING tee. Simple message, if you're going to go out and break necks don't go into limp mode, go out and do it like a BOSS. There is a lot of underlying statements in this tee that our #dayones will get. We can't really talk about it but there is purpose behind the statement and the visual cues supporting it. 



BREAKING NECKS a term the tuner community has adopted through the years synonymous with being on point and coming correct. Always out to create a moment where people can’t help but turn their heads to catch a glimpse causing a commotion that people just can’t ignore. They may deny it or try not to acknowledge it but deep down inside every tuner wants to break necks. Not everyone breaks necks though, only those who have raised their game to the top above the sea of average truly are able to break necks, and if you’re at the top, they can call you King.


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