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Its about 2:37AM and I’ve attempted to start writing this blog post about a hundred times and I haven't been able to get past the first sentence, till now. I think the main reason is because this post will contain something so big in concept, at least to me, that it’s been hard to capture the entire feeling into words. I’ve been in the car scene for a while now and have joined amazing people to assist in doing some great things like events with 20,000 people plus to building cars for music video’s to running sponsorship programs for some of the biggest names in the game, but this one is something connected to an entity that I started myself.

When you start off something from scratch you’re small, no one knows you, you struggle to find any type of relevance to tie into to get noticed. As time passes you gain a little attention and some followers here and there who are interested in what you’re doing, and it starts to feel good to be able to connect with an audience. You continue to produce content and the audience grows ever so slightly, and then there is that moment. That moment which has the possibility to really put you out there. For me when this particular opportunity came across I immediately saw it as that possible moment. After years of grinding is this a chance to finally really realize the vision I have had for TBA brand? Could it really be this close? You almost become as much scared as you are excited because what if you mess up? These moments or chances don’t come everyday.

But here I am about to release the biggest TBA collab to date with one of the biggest brands out there in the scene, and I won’t lie I’m nervous, there’s always doubt, nothing is certain you just have to believe in what you’re doing and go all in.

If you haven’t guessed it yet our latest collab tee is with Trakyoto, creators of the legendary Rocket Bunny aerokits. I’ve been a huge fan since the first time I witnessed them in person at SEMA, and just looking around its obvious that I am not alone. Over the last couple years I can safely say that they have been the most publicized aerokit maker in the tuner market, of course with this type of momentum and popularity you garner the haters claiming kill the bunnies but at the end of the day you can’t deny when that kit is on a car, and that car is stanced out your jaw drops a little. So when I got the chance to do a collab with Kei Muira and Trakyoto I freaked out like a little school girl, but as the original hype died down the realization that TBA needed to do something big began to sink in.

With all that said when we first started this project I put a lot of pressure on myself to create something special, to go above and beyond. So I took some time and laid out all our combine properties and started hashing it trying to integrate them together. At first I probably when through at least 20 different concepts (which I will be talking too in my snapchat over the next couple of weeks) but finally settled on the concept you see here. Titled “6666RPM Trakyoto x TBA Tee” the chest has an assumed RPM gauge redlining at 6666RPMs providing the visuals of how Rocket Bunny has skyrocketed as one of the most notable tuner aerokit brands in the past couple of years. On closer inspection you see the Captain in a heart in the center of our “Throttle” graphic, as everyone loves the Captain. On the back the “Captain” is there again and sits on the TBA floral inspired wheel pattern emulating a heart and flag representing where it all originated from. At the hip a special metallic gold woven patch authenticating each tee as an official TBA x Trakyoto collab piece.

Many thanks to everyone who has gotten TBA this far. Hopefully this is our moment, if it does become our moment I know I definitely did not reach here alone, and for that I will be forever grateful. “doWhatUlove” was my first design concept, and that is what I’m doing. For those who have been following TBA each piece dropped represents a special moment in tuner culture, this piece is just another chapter to the story.