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Faded.Egos.Abandoned.Time. FEAT.

Posted on April 22 2019



    Sounds cool right? Is it just some random wanna be hypebeast shit though? If you’ve been a supporter of TBA for a minute you’ll definitely know its not random... facts. So what does it all mean? It comes back to what I’ve been through and what I’ve experienced with driving and racing as a kid growing up.

    I cart, and if you love cars as much as I do I know you’ve carted too and you’ll definitely be able to relate to the meaning behind Faded Egos Abandoned Time. So lets get down to it, how did this concept come about? You’re with your friends and everyone decides to go carting, first thing the Ego’s and trash talk start flying. When you start a race everyone thinks they have a shot at winning, if not why are you even racing?  So naturally the trash talk revolves around who’s the fastest? Who’s going to be the pylon? Even at this point of the game you’ll see some Ego’s begin to fade, but by the end of the race all ego’s will have faded except for one. Only one ego will survive and that one person will feed off all those other faded ego’s who tried that day. For that day until the next race the rest will need to tell their faded ego’s excuses of why they lost that day.

    But what about the abandoned time? Well this is a race, you against everyone else, it could have been your fastest day, it could have been your absolute slowest day but if you cross that finish line first it doesn’t matter what time you finished on that day, time means absolutely nothing, you beat everyone else and no one else or time can take that away from you. And when you realize you are number one the feeling is overwhelming like if you accomplished the greatest F.E.A.T. ever. “F”aded “E”go “A”bandoned “T”ime. It is a statement attempting to define what every Racer feels on race day. This is what every car enthusiast lives for… This is what we live for...



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