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Posted on September 24 2021


It's been a while since we dropped some new pieces, real world life and these recent global incidents put a temporary hold on our supply chain. So we took the time to really curate and design a piece that would represent us when the time came for us to come back. 

That time is here and its time for us to drop our latest piece. the TBA Crew Member tee. For many years we played with the idea of a mascot for our brand, we sorta knew it was going to be a panda, just due to our cultural roots and the cross over its made into JDM aesthetics. We played around and teased our social media channels with several iterations through out the years but during this lock down we really sat down to finalize the look. We wanted something raw but not bent on realize but not cartoony either. We finally landed on this Panda speaking the words of the brand. 


This was only one piece of the puzzle though, we also wanted some other pieces to hi light our brands meaning. Which we did with our new track line camo where we took 11 of our most favourite tracks. 


With these 2 concepts we then combined it with our Staple box logo, slogan and with Crew Member in Katakana on the back to create our latest drop.