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Salud MiFamilia - FAMILY over EVERTYTHING

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Salud MiFamilia - FAMILY over EVERTYTHING

We have been in this game for years, and one thing we have learned through the years is to value friendships over business. Over the years we have encountered many who will just see you for what they need and attempt to break you down as soon as they've gotten what they need.

We believe differently, when we work with others we try to build relationships with who we work with. We make it a point to grow as a family. You have our backs and we will have yours. You can't buy loyalty and trust and that is what makes it Family. Family over Everything. For those who try to exploit us for this will eventually find themselves on the outside looking in, they burn enough bridges they will find themselves alone with no one else to reach out too. UFWU and we will FWU.

This tee is a reflection of our attitude and how we conduct ourselves. For those who have lasted the test of time in this scene will know the importance of this. Salud to those who share this belief with us and share in our struggle to filter through the fakes and build with those who are genuine to this scene. Keep Building. 100!