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Posted on July 10 2016

From day one one of my primary design principles for TBA has been to take iconic trends in street wear and give it a tuner inspired twist. There hasn't been a more iconic street piece than the classic Bandana, the perfect accent to any outfit grid. The Bandana has represented styles, ideas and movements. For a long time I've struggled to bring this piece into fruition as low production run quantity were always a bounding factor. However finally because of all of you who have been supporting us, you've allowed us a chance to attempt this design due to the increased demand for TBA pieces. 

From far our Bandana looks like any other generic Bandana, but if you inspect it up close you will see several staples that encompass the street tuner scene. I'm not a person for words so I'll let the pieces tell the story, they may not seem like much to some but its one more piece to the puzzle into bringing the full vision of TBA to life, and I thank everyone who has been behind me in making this a reality. 



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