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TBA... what is that all about?

Posted on November 08 2017

Most common question, what does TBA stand for? Tits, Butts, and Ass seems like the most popular answer, but no that’s not it. That Big Asshole is a close second, maybe true, but I’ve been called worst. Many of our old school supporters will link it to Titoboy Approved when I had a Filipino partner and we were on this Filipino tip doing some crazy Flip spins, but no that is not it either.

When my partner left it was hard to continue on with that concept because I wasn’t flip and it wasn’t me, so I had to make this brand something more about me if I was going to continue on with it, and I was already neck deep with too much invested to back out. Like all small kids growing up I loved cars, especially hot wheels, played with them all day and night, racing them against each other, hard parking them with each other, cruising them down imaginary highways together. I lived, breathed and dreamt about cars, played every car video game growing up, soon as I was 16 I went out and got my license. Graduated as an engineer because of cars, I wasn’t able to afford a car till I finished school and started working but as soon as I had my first pay check I was buying a car to mod.

Since then most of my life has been devoted to this passion of cars and driving them. So what does TBA stand for? After years of driving I figured there were 3 key basic concepts to driving, Throttle, Brake, Apex, the heart and mentality of driving any course. When driving first thing you do is press the gas (throttle) when you see the corner approach you begin to brake… you take the turn (and hit the apex) and you get right back on the Gas and repeat. 3 concepts, Throttle, Brake, Apex, in that exact order shortened to the acronym TBA pretty much sums up years of passion into 3 simple letters representing what I love to do, representing me and anyone else who loves this car culture... 


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